History in the Making: Kelley Eubanks

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This month, YouthLink is celebrating Black History Month by showcasing some of the amazing women in our community.

Hi, my name is Kelley Eubanks

I identify as a mother, sister, daughter, friend, woman, educator, humanitarian, life coach, lover of God, entrepreneur, dog owner, and youth advocate trying to keep them all aligned and filled with purpose!

What I do at YouthLink I am an Employment Counselor from HIRED who serves as a proud employment partner committed to giving my clients opportunities and support to help them reach their career goals. I bring my positive attitude with a smile!!!!!!

What does being a woman of color/black woman mean to you?
It means understanding my worth and contributions in this society. Knowing how to work hard and be resourceful in supporting a family. Learning to have pride and persevere through adversity. Accepting I am beautiful with a strong body and an even stronger mind. Deflecting negativity and developing a willpower to get up . . . after being knocked down . . . and keep it moving with grace!!!!!!

Black History Month means to me:
An additional time set aside to reflect on the many historical, personal, and present accomplishments, challenges, and goals [of] others and myself. Also, [it is] a time to feel a deep, specific “gratitude” for those not afraid to stand for something honorable that impacts lives through evoking equality.

What I would like for my community to know is:
That small positive changes can have huge impacts and rewards. Having a voice does not mean you have to damage a soul. Being kind is not [the same as] being weak. Education, love, and human decency are the greatest weapons to “own.”

You can learn more about Kelley by visiting here.

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