History in the Making: Shanice Mason

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This month, YouthLink is celebrating Black History Month by showcasing some of the amazing women in our community.

My name is: Shanice “Sunnie” Mason

I identify as: A queer, black woman.

At YouthLink, I am a: youth advocate.

What does a woman of color/black woman mean to you?
Being a black woman means so much to me because it has helped me learn how to overcome many unfortunate obstacles with resilience, poise, and smiles.

Black History Month means to me:
Black History Month is a time designated for me and my people to shine. I love to bask in the black excellence before me and in my present time.

What I would like for my community to know is:
I want the community to know that it is okay to feel. We must love ourselves before we can efficiently love each other. Knowledge is power. And you only get one life, so whatever your definition of living is, do it to the best of your ability.



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