Time isn’t just money on the streets.
It’s survival. According to one youth,
“Each day I wake up thinking maybe
today is the day I get raped or
mugged walking around downtown
because I have nowhere to
go. Or maybe today is the day
I finally give up and leave it all
behind.” Can the new Youth
Opportunity Center help these
youth leave homelessness in
the rear view mirror?

We’re proud to introduce you to our new look! Our legacy of guiding homeless youth into pathways of opportunity is stronger than ever. As we enter our 40th year, we’re inspired to do this with a new look that reflects the level of commitment and dedication we have to new levels of growth, change, and ...Read More →

“I’m finally feeling like my apartment is my own home. I’m putting up photos and making it more like me.” – Marley

image YouthLink Wins ACG’s BOLD award!

YouthLink is the recipient of the Association for Corporate Growth’s 2014 BOLD award for Best Nonprofit for our S.T.A.R.T. Program, (Surviving to Thriving: A Real Transition), an innovative partnership between YouthLink and Voyageur Outward Bound School to give homeless youth the knowledge and resilience needed to become self-reliant through a combination of confidence-building expeditions and independent living skills ...Read More →

image No place to go: A look at the emails we get from youth every day.

“Hi, my name is Matt and I’m 19. I am homeless in the Minneapolis area, and I don’t have any resources. I will probably be sleeping on the streets tonight in downtown for the first time. I really want help. I don’t have anyone or anywhere to turn to. I would call, but I don’t ...Read More →

image Local businesses collaborate to give YouthLink’s youth better food and clothing services

At YouthLink, basic needs like food and clothing are some of the first things we help young people experiencing homelessness take care of when they enter our door. Without a fresh shirt, or enough to eat at dinner, youth face growling stomachs and worries about hygiene prevent many youth from excelling at school, or during ...Read More →