Now 22, Giana* recalls, “My mom was on disability and money was always a problem. We relied on food stamps to keep meals on the table, always moving to smaller and smaller rentals. At one point, eight of us were living in a two-bedroom apartment. “When I was in high school, things got really tight, […]

Time isn’t just money on the streets.
It’s survival. According to one youth,
“Each day I wake up thinking maybe
today is the day I get raped or
mugged walking around downtown
because I have nowhere to
go. Or maybe today is the day
I finally give up and leave it all
behind.” Can the new Youth
Opportunity Center help these
youth leave homelessness in
the rear view mirror?

image Izzy’s Ice Cream gives back on Feb. 5th!

YouthLink was selected to be part of Izzy’s 13 Days of Giving, starting in February! For 13 days in February, one nonprofit will received $2.00 from every single scoop cone or cup sold. Mark your calendars for February 5th, and enjoy a sweet treat while earning money to help homeless youth in our community! For […]

image No place to go: A look at the emails we get from youth every day.

“Hi, my name is Matt and I’m 19. I am homeless in the Minneapolis area, and I don’t have any resources. I will probably be sleeping on the streets tonight in downtown for the first time. I really want help. I don’t have anyone or anywhere to turn to. I would call, but I don’t […]

image Thank you Carol!

This month, we want to thank Carol, one of our clothing closet volunteers, for all the love and hard work she puts into what she does here at YouthLink. Carol first found YouthLink through a listing on Craigslist when, in 2005, she was liquidating a family business and looking for charitable causes to contribute to. […]