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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to know what volunteering at YouthLink is like? Hear what Cora, one of our clothing closet volunteers, has to say:

“When a young person comes into the clothing closet and finds a great new outfit for an interview, a new warm jacket, or just a pair of jeans that fits perfectly, it relieves a tiny bit of the immense amount of stress that they carry around with them every day.  I love being a part of those little successes, and enjoy all the interactions I have with the people here: listening to personal stories and goals, and sharing laughs.  The young people here face so many challenges, but they keep on pushing forward—their strength amazes me.” – Cora, clothing closet volunteer

Looking for more info on our volunteer program? Check out the FAQs and other links below for basic policy information and opportunities.

  • YouthLink Volunteer Program FAQs
  • YouthLink Volunteer Process
  • YouthLink Individual Volunteer Opportunities
    • Minimum age requirement 24. Exception: Young Professionals Board minimum age requirement 21.
    • Young Professionals Board Member: YouthLink is accepting applications for positive, motivated young professionals to help on our Young Professional Board. Please download the application here.
    • GED Tutor: please download the application here.
    • Child Care, housing: Provide supervision for children ages 0-5. Interact with young parents and model positive childcare behavior. Preferred education/course of study: Early Childhood Development. Time and Day: TBD.
    • Child Care, YouthLink: Provide supervision for children ages 0-5. Interact with young parents and model positive childcare behavior. Time and Day: TBD.
    • Please contact Jelena Song at song@youthlinkmn.org for more information.
  • Group Volunteer Opportunities

To learn more about our orientation process and to be added to our contact list for future volunteer orientations, please email Jelena Song at song@youthlinkmn.org.

Please see our FAQs for opportunities for those under 21.


YouthLink works with nearly 2,000 young people experiencing homelessness each year.

Meet Ken

“I needed so much. I was just a kid. YouthLink helped me finish high school. They gave me food, clothes, bus fare. I had no idea how to live on my own, or how to live safely, and YouthLink helped me find safe places to stay while I figured it out.”

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