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Night of Hope: Sleep Out

Night of Hope—Presented by SUCCESS Computer Consulting

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

With your help, we raised over $117,000! Thank you for your incredible support.

Team Leaderboard

TeamAmount Raised
1. Team Nerlandia$6,585.00
2. Team CBRE$6,161.25
3. Team CLA$5,176.00

Individual Leaderboard

IndividualAmount Raised
1. Chris Garcia$13,500.00
2. Jeannie Joas$11,380.00
3. Steven Foldes$4,132.00

Elizabeth Anderson – Director of Membership, Minnesota Medical Association: Team Nerlandia
Chief Medaria Arradondo – City of Minneapolis Police: Chief Arradondo & the MPD Guardians 
Andrew Avila – Director of Guest Services, Westin Edina Galleria: Hospitality Heroes
Roger Bailey – VP Communications, Site Minnesota: Site Minnesota
Nichol Beckstrand – President, Sunrise Banks: Team Sunrise Banks
Tim Bicknell – Senior Project Design Architect, Leo A Daly
Brittany Biewen – Convention Services Manager, Westin Edina Galleria: Hospitality Heroes
Arwyn Birch – Owner, Glam Doll Donuts: Team Glam Doll
Natalie Bolden – Account Director, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Todd Bratulich – Pastor for Community and Mission Engagement, First Covenant Church: The Healing Block
Tim Brunelle – VP Creative Director, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Elizabeth Burns – Copywriter, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Miaja Cassidy – Team HCMC
Carrie Chang – VP, Donor Engagement, Greater Twin Cities United Way: Team United
Janelle Clepper – Principal, Janelle Clepper Consulting
Dan Collison – Director of Downtown Partnerships, Minneapolis Downtown Council: Team MDC-DID
Emily Cornell – Account Director, Fame
Steve Cramer – President and CEO, Minneapolis Downtown Council/DID: Team MDC-DID
Amanda Croonquist – MIAC Maniacs
Amol Dixit – Founder/Owner, Hot Indian Foods
Joseph Desenclos – Livability Team Operations Supervisor, Block by Block, DID: Team MDC-DID
Jeff Eberle – COO, Analytics, Optum
Vanessa Engelmann – Marketing, SUCCESS Computer Consulting: Team Success
Marc Faubert – Manager, The Westin Minneapolis: Westin Warriors
Jill Ferguson – Production Manager, Dairy Queen: Team DQ Cares
Marny Ferrara- Cargill
Spencer Finseth – Principal, Greiner Construction: Team Greiner
Dr. Steven Foldes – Principal, Foldes Consulting LLC
Teresa Fox – Owner, Glam Doll Donuts: Team Glam Doll
Maria Gans – MIAC Maniacs
Chris Garcia – Principal, Lee & Associates
Dillon Gherna – Founder & CEO, Global Re-Invention Group
Lee-Ann Granger – Office Administrator, CliftonLarsonAllen: Team CLA
Jerod Greenisen – ArcStone: Team ArcStone
Daniel Gumnit – CEO, People Serving People
Sam Harper – COO, Hippy Feet: Team Hippy Feet
Amanda Hawkinson – MIAC Maniacs
Josh Helgesen – General Superintendent, Greiner Construction: Team Greiner
David Hewitt – Director, Human Services Public Health, Office to End Homelessness
Steven Hudson – Senior Tax Accountant, CliftonLarsonAllen: Team CLA
Heather Huseby – Executive Director, YouthLink
Susan Jepson – Team HCMC
Jeannie Joas – President and CEO, JB Hudson Jewelers
Angela Johnson – Group Account Director, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Trevor Johnson – Project Manager, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Annie Ketcham – ArcStone: Team ArcStone
Debb Klingel
Adam Koenig – Cargill
Joanna Koenig –  CFO/Controller, CliftonLarsonAllen: Team CLA
Jeff LaFavre – President, IAG Commercial
Lisa LaRosa – IT Service Desk Manager, Dairy Queen: Team DQ Cares
Tiffany LeClair – Human Resources Manager, The Westin Minneapolis: Westin Warriors
Korryn Leudesdorf – Client Implementation Manager, Virtual Radiologic: MIAC Maniacs
Jeanne Luhrs: Hospitality Heroes
Michael Mader – Founder/CEO, Hippy Feet: Team Hippy Feet
Leslee Mahoney – Senior Business Technology Analyst, Securian Financial Group: MIAC Maniacs
Rochelle Maresh – Lead Designer, Target Corporation, Store Planning: Ordinary Mortals
Kristine Martin  – President, East Side Neighborhood Services
Brandon Megal – Associate, CBRE: Team CBRE
Andrew McDonough – Sales Manager, Hippy Feet: Team Hippy Feet
Meg McGowen – Software Assset Manager, Principal , Allianz Life
Lisa Middag – Director of Nicollet Activation, Downtown Improvement District: Team MDC-DID
Brent Morris – VP of Business Development, SUCCESS Computer Consulting: Team Success
Serah Morrissey – Director of Human Resources, WB Hotel Group: Hospitality Heroes
Ra’eesa Motala –  Associate, Lee & Associates
Monica Murdo – Human Resources Business Consultant, Outsourcing, CliftonLarsonAllen: Team CLA
Jamie Nabozny – VP Community Engagement Loans and Leasing, Sunrise Banks: Team Sunrise Banks
Bruce Nerland – Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley: Team Nerlandia
Paul Nerland – Sr. Product Management Specialist, BerkleyNet Underwriters: Team Nerlandia
Emily Nicoll – First Vice President, CBRE: Team CBRE
Scarlet O’Donovan- Civilian, Womens, and Kids Instructor , Krav Maga Minneapolis: Team Krav Maga
Tyler Paape – Westin Edina Galleria: Hospitality Heroes
Maria Palen – Personal Care Attendant, Mankato Rehabilitation Center Incorporated
Sherman Patterson – City of Minneapolis Police: Chief Harteau  & the Guardians
Matt Peterson – Retail, Apple
Sharon Pierce – President, Minneapolis Community and Technical College: MCTC Team
Iina Potter – Crowne Plaza AiRE, Kaeding Management Group : Hospitality Heroes
Council Member John Quincy, City of Minneapolis
Paul Richardson – Director, Application Support & Processing, Sunrise Banks:  Team Sunrise Banks
Will Roach – Director, Baker Tilly
Lacey Robinson –  Caribou Coffee: Night Owls
Tanya Rooney – Project Manager, CBRE: Team CBRE
Dudley Ryan – Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen: Team CLA
Seth Ryan – President, Site Minnesota: Site Minnesota
Mike Sasorith- Designer, ArcStone: Team ArcStone
Paul Schmidt – Managing Director, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Mark Severson – Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Advisors
Caroline Sherman – Director of Revenue,  The Westin Minneapolis: Westin Warriors
Hans Siefker – President, Greiner Construction: Team Greiner
Rita Skelly – Fan Relations Specialist, Dairy Queen: Team DQ Cares
Lisa Starr – VP Sponsorship/Philanthropy, Site Minnesota: Site Minnesota
Mee Stevens –  Student Support Services, Minneapolis Community and Technical College: MCTC Team
Kim Stone – SVP, Advancement & Innovation, Greater Twin Cities United Way: Team United
Jennifer Stukenberg – Associate Principal, BWBR: Ordinary Mortals
Inspector Michael Sullivan – First Precinct, Minneapolis Police Department
Bryan Taylor – Certified Financial Planner, Ameriprise  Financial: Night Owls
David Talarico – Stuido Artist, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Melvin Tennant – CEO, Meet Minneapolis
Patrick Troup – Vice President of Student Affairs, Minneapolis Community and Technical College: MCTC Team
Alexanda Tseffos – Senior Associate, CBRE: Team CBRE
Kirk VanBlaircom – Sales, Serigraphics Sign System
Katelyn Warburton – Homeless Programs Administrator, Office of Economic Opportunity (DHS): MIAC Maniacs
Mitch Weaver – Exec VP of Operations, Greiner Construction: Team Greiner
Officer Webb – First Precinct, Minneapolis Police Department
Jodi Wentland – Director, Human Services
Neil White – CEO, BBDO Minneapolis: Team BBDO MPLS 
Officer Wilkes – First Precinct, Minneapolis Police Department
Paul Williams – President and CEO, Project for Pride in Living
Jackie Woller – Account Executive, SUCCESS Computer Consulting: Team Success
Courtney Young – Xcel Eneergy: Night Owls
Iftou Yoya – State of Minnesota, DEED: Night Owls

YouthLink works with nearly 2,000 young people experiencing homelessness each year.

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