Our Team YouthLink's caring team of staff is here to help. Whether you're looking for someone to tell you more about how to get involved, or want to talk to someone about how to receive services at YouthLink, you can use the list below to find the person you need.

Dr. Heather Huseby

Executive Director / 612-252-1207 / huseby@youthlinkmn.org

I get daily inspiration from the youth we work with. Seeing their drive to connect to new opportunities and continue on their journeys out of homelessness is a privilege.

Bob Nelson

Director of Operations / 612-252-1208 / nelson@youthlinkmn.org

I like working at YouthLink because we live our mission every day and follow through to help youth overcome any obstacles in their path.

Frances Roen

Director of Development and Communications / 612-252-1283 / roen@youthlinkmn.org

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to connect someone to something bigger than themselves. I am humbled and inspired by the relationships I am able to form with our community members. It is privilege to be surrounded by their wisdom, generosity, and passion for young people.

Katie Miller

Associate Director of Drop-In Services / 612-252-1227 / miller@youthlinkmn.org

The community of young people, staff and partners is powerful and energizing.  I feel fortunate to work in a place where the value is seeing each individual as a whole person and meeting them where they are.  It is an honor and a privilege when a young person allows us to be part of their journey and gives the gift of letting us know them.

Marney Thomas

Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement / 612-252-1226 / thomas@youthlinkmn.org

I help youth connect to resources on site. If there are resources we don't have - let me know!

Jarrod Feld

Manager of Grants and Information / 612-252-1271 / feld@youthlinkmn.org

YouthLink does amazing things to help strengthen our community. The work we do is both innovative and effective. I’m proud to be a small part of it all.

Stacey Peterson

Office Manager / 612-252-1223 / peterson@youthlinkmn.org

YouthLink is an organization that lives its mission in every aspect of what we do. It’s wonderful to experience how the passion for the youth we serve and the dedication to our Nine Guiding Principles are so sincerely embraced by everyone on our team.

Jelena Song

Development and Volunteer Coordinator / 612-252-1280 / song@youthlinkmn.org

I am so proud and honored to be a part of our YouthLink community. Our staff are skilled, kind and supportive. Young people who use our services have had many heartbreaking experiences, but they never stop moving forward, and their journeys are inspirational.

Katelyn Warburton

Data Analyst and Special Project Coordinator / 612-252-1215 / warburton@youthlinkmn.org

I love working at YouthLink because I am surrounded by people who come to work every day wanting to help others. Everyone has their own set of skills that contribute to the larger goal of helping young people!

Danae Hudson

Annual Fund and Communications Coordinator / hudson@youthlinkmn.org

I love being able to show the community what funny, kind, intelligent youth find their way to YouthLink.

Rachel Greenwald

Housing Supervisor / 612-253-0633 / greenwald@youthlinkmn.org

The best part of my job is helping young people overcome barriers to find stable housing, and watching them make progress toward that goal.

Rachel Hatch

Program Manager - Nicollet Square / 612-823-0122 / hatch@youthlinkmn.org

In housing we witness young people move from crisis to mastering their own lives. It's an honor.

Pam Howard

Archdale Apartments Housing Case Manager / 612-253-1466 / howardp@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy working for YouthLink because it's a program that meet youth where they are in their lives and helps them learn the skills they need to keep moving toward their goals.

Hannah Couch

Housing Case Manager / 612-253-0632 / couch@youthlinkmn.org

The youth are our future and I enjoy working with them and guiding them to become productive members of the society. I believe that they need the correct motivation to live their lives and I hope I am helping them with that.

Emily Johnson

Housing Case Manager / 612-253-1465 / johnson@youthlinkmn.org

It is inspiring to work for an agency that embodies their mission and principles in all aspects of its organization. Every youth is in the driver’s seat of their journey at YL and it is a privilege to be able to help them on their ride.

Johanna Van Dee, MA, LPC

Housing Mental Health Practitioner / 612-253-0634 / vandee@youthlinkmn.org

I deeply value the opportunity I get to observe youth authoring their own stories. I am endlessly inspired by their resiliency and hope.

Eveann Ross

Nicollet Square Transition Coach / 612-823-0122 x104 / ross@youthlinkmn.org

I love helping youth recognize how important they are to themselves, others, and to society. I help them realize that to be productive they have to let go of the pains of yesterday in order to move forward.

Amanda Zagelbaum

Workforce and Career Counselor / 612-823-0122 x105 / zagelbaum@youthlinkmn.org

I am excited to support our young people with participation in the Work Fast internship program at Nicollet Square. Watching youth learn and grow through their employment is fantastic!

Alishia Wright

Nicollet Square Transitions Coach / 612-823-0122 x104 / wright@youthlinkmn.org

Watching these kids, who’ve been through so much, get a major win and being so proud of themselves, realizing they can do it; seeing that joy is the best part of my day and what keeps me coming back. It’s the best job ever.

Lisa Borneman, MSW, LICSW

Clinical Services Supervisor / 612-252-1204 / borneman@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy joining youth and staff in their journeys. Each one is different, but their passion and motivation are always inspiring.

Sarah Breyette, MSW, LGSW

Mental Health Practitioner / 612-252-1216 / breyette@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy working at YouthLink because it allows me the opportunity to build positive relationships, facilitate healing, and bear witness to the incredible resiliency of young people who access services.

Michael Brooks

Drop-In Supervisor / 612-252-1225 / brooks@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy working at YouthLink because it gives me the opportunity to give back to the young people and be a blessing to others. YouthLink allows me to fulfill my human duty to serve others.

Marc Hamann

Youth Mobile Team Program Manager / 612-252-1256 / hamann@youthlinkmn.org

A goal without a plan is just a dream, and it’s my responsibility to help the clients I work with turn their dreams into reality.

Lindsay Smith

Welcome Center Supervisor / 612-252-1250 / lsmith@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy watching the journey the youth take once they come to YouthLink - and being able to witness the successes that come to them.

Jose Acuna

Outreach Manager / 612-252-1238 / acuna@youthlinkmn.org

Most people refer to youth as our future, but I see it differently. They are our present, and whatever we can do to help them accomplish their full potential is very important.

Shannon Brennan, MSW, LICSW

Supervisor of Integrated Services / 612-252-1242 / brennan@youthlinkmn.org

I work at YL to help ensure youth are able to access trauma informed and holistic services. I feel honored to be a part of their journey and to have the opportunity to work with some of the most caring, courageous and resilient people I know.

Porsha Brown

Minor GA Case Manager / 612-252-1228 / brownp@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy working at YouthLink because I can relate to the youth on many levels and I enjoy watching them grow.

Carrie Chillman

Youth Mobile Team Case Manager / 612-252-1216 / chillman@youthlinkmn.org

YouthLink always puts young people first. I love being a part of that.

Sarah Crompton

Education Navigator / 612-252-1247 / crompton@youthlinkmn.org

Seeing youth work toward their educational goals and plan for the future despite the obstacles they face in the present is the highest honor. Working with our youth is an education in fortitude.

Carl Hoke

Food Service Manager / 612-252-1245 / hoke@youthlinkmn.org

Hot meals at the Drop-In Center aren’t just about meeting a basic need. Meals provide a chance for a young person to see they're not alone and to hear about other resources we offer. It’s really the first step to their futures.

Sai Kilp

LGBTQ Case Manager / 612-252-1236 / kilp@youthlinkmn.org

I love to work at YouthLink because we get to connect young people to the resources within themselves and the community that they need to create their own journey. It is an amazing moment when a young person finds their worth.

Anastasia Kramlinger

Intervention Case Manager / 612-252-1231 / kramlinger@youthlinkmn.org

Working at YouthLink affords me the opportunity to help young people see their potential and reach their goals through case management and support.

Lorraine Love

START Transition Coach / 612-252-1234 / love@youthlinkmn.org

I feel the work I do every day makes a difference to the people in our community. I know when I go home that I truly did something meaningful and important.

Sara Majeres

Case Manager / 612-252-1278 / majeres@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy working at YouthLink because I am able to build relationships with inspiring young people every day.

Mickella Rolfes

Community Youth Specialist / 612-252-1217 / rolfes@youthlinkmn.org

I like joining young people on their individual journeys and building positive relationships with the youth and community.

Angel Sandro

Services and Engagement Advocate / 612-252-1230 / sandro@youthlinkmn.org

I like working at YouthLink because I think young people are very important in this world and need that positive motivation to keep going in their journey in life.

Rajeana Wallen

Youth Advocate / 612-252-1200 / wallen@youthlinkmn.org

I love working here because I was once a youth at YouthLink. I understand, I know the struggle, and I genuinely care because I’ve been there. I hope to be an inspiration to these youth to show them that we can overcome and strive to be anyone and do anything we want to do.


Our Drop-In Center is a safe space where youth can continue their journeys out of homelessness. We are one block away from stops on bus routes 4, 6, 9, 12, 141, and 698.

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