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Our Team YouthLink's caring team of staff is here to help. Whether you're looking for someone to tell you more about how to get involved, or want to talk to someone about how to receive services at YouthLink, you can use the list below to find the person you need.

Dr. Heather Huseby

Executive Director / 612-252-1207 / huseby@youthlinkmn.org

I get daily inspiration from the youth we work with. Seeing their drive to connect to new opportunities and continue on their journeys out of homelessness is a privilege.

Bob Nelson

Director of Operations / 612-252-1208 / nelson@youthlinkmn.org

I like working at YouthLink because we live our mission every day and follow through to help youth overcome any obstacles in their path.

Christine Schwitzer

Director of Development / 612-252-1226 / schwitzer@youthlinkmn.org

I love YouthLink’s whole person approach to helping youth meet their goals and achieve long-term success, and I am lucky to have the job of sharing the impact of our programs with donors and the community.

Shannon Brennan, MSW, LICSW

Supervisor of Integrated Services / 612-252-1242 / brennan@youthlinkmn.org

I work at YL to help ensure youth are able to access trauma informed and holistic services. I feel honored to be a part of their journey and to have the opportunity to work with some of the most caring, courageous and resilient people I know.

Lisa Borneman, MSW, LICSW

Clinical Services Supervisor / 612-252-1204 / borneman@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy joining youth and staff in their journeys. Each one is different, but their passion and motivation are always inspiring.

Lorraine Love

Drop-In Supervisor / 612-252-1225 / love@youthlinkmn.org

I feel the work I do every day makes a difference to the people in our community. I know when I go home that I truly did something meaningful and important.

Lindsay Smith

Nicollet Square Program Supervisor / 612-823-0122 x103 / lsmith@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy watching the journey the youth take once they come to YouthLink - and being able to witness the successes that come to them.

Marc Hamann

Downtown View Program Supervisor / 612-252-1256 / hamann@youthlinkmn.org

A goal without a plan is just a dream, and it’s my responsibility to help the clients I work with turn their dreams into reality.

Jose Acuna

Outreach Supervisor / 612-252-1238 / acuna@youthlinkmn.org

Most people refer to youth as our future, but I see it differently. They are our present, and whatever we can do to help them accomplish their full potential is very important.

Carl Hoke

Food Service Manager / 612-252-1245 / hoke@youthlinkmn.org

Hot meals at the Drop-In Center aren’t just about meeting a basic need. Meals provide a chance for a young person to see they're not alone and to hear about other resources we offer. It’s really the first step to their futures.

Stacey Peterson

Office Manager / 612-252-1223 / peterson@youthlinkmn.org

YouthLink is an organization that lives its mission in every aspect of what we do. It’s wonderful to experience how the passion for the youth we serve and the dedication to our Nine Guiding Principles are so sincerely embraced by everyone on our team.

Jelena Song

Volunteer and Donor Relations Manager / 612-252-1280 / song@youthlinkmn.org

I am so proud and honored to be a part of our YouthLink community. Our staff are skilled, kind and supportive. Young people who use our services have had many heartbreaking experiences, but they never stop moving forward, and their journeys are inspirational.

Danae Hudson

Communications Manager / 612-252-1241 / hudson@youthlinkmn.org

I love being able to show the community what funny, kind, intelligent youth find their way to YouthLink.

KaMia Watson

Development and Events Specialist / 612-252-1206 / watson@youthlinkmn.org

I love working for Youthlink because it is an organization that promotes positive change. YouthLink has and continues to encourage and support each and every young person that walks through our doors.

Shanice Mason

Nicollet Square Transition Coach / 612-272-6990 / mason@youthlinkmn.org

Working with young people who are experiencing adversity is such a privilege. To be able to enter their personal lives and walk alongside them through their journey is something that will always leave an impact on me.

Nadhia Fuentes

Workforce and Career Coach - Nicollet Square / 612-252-1265 / fuentes@youthlinkmn.org

I love helping youth find employment.

Pam Howard

Archdale Transition Coach / 612-253-1466 / howardp@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy working for YouthLink because it's a program that meet youth where they are in their lives and helps them learn the skills they need to keep moving toward their goals.

Emily Villanueva

Archdale Transition Coach / 612-253-1465 / villanueva@youthlinkmn.org

It is inspiring to work for an agency that embodies their mission and principles in all aspects of its organization. Every youth is in the driver’s seat of their journey at YL and it is a privilege to be able to help them on their ride.

Garren Turner

St. Barnabas Transition Coach / 612-253-0639 / turner@youthlinkmn.org

I like to be the advocate that I didn't have growing up. I like to build relationships and help bridge the gap between youth and resources they need.

Thomas Collins

Downtown View Community Coordinator/Opportunity Navigator / 612-252-1243 / collins@youthlinkmn.org

Anthony Jackson

Downtown View Transition Coach / 612-252-1216 / jackson@youthlinkmn.org

Working with youth reminds me about how many different kinds of real, lasting relationships we can make. Working at YouthLink gives me the chance to make these types of relationships - not just with youth, but with a great group of people who truly care.

Mickella Rolfes

Downtown View Transition Coach / 612-252-1217 / rolfes@youthlinkmn.org

I like joining young people on their individual journeys and building positive relationships with the youth and community.

Johanna Gangl, MA, LPC

Housing Mental Health Practitioner / 612-253-0634 / gangl@youthlinkmn.org

I deeply value the opportunity I get to observe youth authoring their own stories. I am endlessly inspired by their resiliency and hope.

Erin Ditmarson

Youth Mobile Team Transition Coach / 612-272-6520 / ditmarson@youthlinkmn.org

I love helping youth realize their potential.

Jason Lavine

Education Navigator / 612-252-1247 / lavine@youthlinkmn.org

Connecting youth to educational resources and opportunities is critical for their long-term success. YouthLink allows me to play a part in helping youth achieve their goals.

Sarah Breyette, MSW, LICSW

Therapist / 612-272-3340 / breyette@youthlinkmn.org

Angel Sandro

Outreach and Opportunity Navigator / 612-252-1230 / sandro@youthlinkmn.org

I like working at YouthLink because I think young people are very important in this world and need that positive motivation to keep going in their journey in life.

Gabriela Rowden

Safe Harbor Outreach Worker / 612-257-5685 / rowden@youthlinkmn.org

Doing outreach allows me to go to places where there may not be resources and connect young people with the things they need to be safe, stable, and successful. Connecting with and watching clients grow is my favorite part of my job.

Porsha Brown

Community Youth Specialist / 612-252-1228 / brownp@youthlinkmn.org

Youth are the driving force behind change and that is why I invest in them!

Anastasia Kramlinger

Intervention Transition Coach / 612-252-1231 / kramlinger@youthlinkmn.org

Working at YouthLink affords me the opportunity to help young people see their potential and reach their goals through case management and support.

Sara Majeres

Transition Coach / 612-252-1278 / majeres@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy working at YouthLink because I am able to build relationships with inspiring young people every day.

Daeona Griffin

Employment Specialist / 612-252-1239 / griffin@youthlinkmn.org

I love working with youth because they're resilient, persistent, and all they really need is someone to motivate and help them along the way.

Kristin Carlson

Outreach and Opportunity Navigator / 612-272-5238 / carlson@youthlinkmn.org

I love the community that we create for ourselves and for young people.

Kaja Vang

Opportunity Navigator / 612-252-1234 / vang@youthlinkmn.org

I like working at YouthLink because of the relationships I build with youth of color, especially queer and trans youth of color. It is an honor to see the growth, as well as setbacks, youth experience. I am continuously learn from these youths.

DeAundre Dent

Opportunity Navigator / 612-252-1236 / dent@youthlinkmn.org

I like working at YouthLink because it lets me give back to a community that I was deeply a part of.

Kevin Carey

Opportunity Navigator / 612-252-1215 / carey@youthlinkmn.org

I enjoy having a positive impact on young people's lives at YouthLink. I feel like I learn so much every day from their strength and resiliency.

Caleb Erickson

START Transition Coach / 612-252-1281 / erickson@youthlinkmn.org

I love getting up every day and meeting amazing youth. I love working and learning along with them.


Our Drop-In Center is a safe space where youth can continue their journeys out of homelessness. We are one block away from stops on bus routes 4, 6, 9, 12, 141, and 698.

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See highlights from last year's graduation ceremony and learn more about just one way YouthLink can help you accomplish your goals.

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