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YOC Birthday We are incredibly grateful for your investments in the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC). Every dollar you donate to YouthLink makes a one-stop shop possible!

In 2016, we celebrated the five-year anniversary of the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC)!  Over the past five years, we have worked with over fifty agencies to help connect young people with basic needs support, along with legal, employment, education, and other services. The YOC has spent this first half decade breaking down the barriers young people often face in accessing these services and providing them with a wider range of opportunities and resources.




If you are feeling pretty grateful that you have everything you need this year, why not ask your family and friends to make a donation to YouthLink in honor of your special day? Just think of all the wrapping paper you’ll save, not to mention how good you’ll feel for being a part of change and opportunity for young people experiencing homelessness!

In just five easy steps, you can be a part of young person’s journey toward housing, education, employment, and hope!

Follow the instructions below to start your birthday campaign today:

Step 1: Visit YouthLink’s GiveMN page
Step 2: Register
Step 3: Customize your birthday page
Step 4: Share your page with friends and family
Step 5: Party!

With your help (and some birthday donations from your friends and family), you can change lives.

Make this a birthday to remember! For more information on the amazing things that happen at the Youth Opportunity Center every day – click here.

YouthLink’s collaboration on the Downtown 100 program led to a 74% decrease in arrest rates among program participants.

Meet Hannah Couch St. Barnabas Transition Coach

“The youth are our future and I enjoy working with them and guiding them to become productive members of the society. I believe that they need the correct motivation to live their lives and I hope I am helping them with that.”

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