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YouthLink Wellness Wheel

Our Wellness Wheel* focuses on the whole person by offering resources and services that focus on nine different areas of wellness.

YouthLink Wellness Wheel

Spiritual: Explore values, sense of purpose, and meaning in life. Identify ways of expression, or enhance spiritual practices.

Living Standards: Explore current surroundings i.e. safety, housing, and community that impact stability and daily life. Consider what environmental changes can be made to support wellbeing.

Family: Consider a personal definition of family. Explore the roles and impacts of these relationships. Connect with resources that strengthen goals and hopes as a parent and the well-being of children.

Social Connectedness: Learn about building healthy relationships and support systems. Incorporate fun activities into life. Recognize how substance use, communication skills, and trust can impact relationships.

Financial: Assess current finances and the ability to meet basic needs and lifestyles. Learn financial skills and connect to services that promote financial stability, growth, and goals.

Health & Nutrition: Connect to a primary healthcare provider for ongoing and preventative care. Find ways to stay healthy and boost natural health potential through nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

Emotional Health: Bring awareness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Learn ways of expression using self-care practices and healthy coping skills during life’s good and stressful experiences.

Intellectual: Engage in ways to expand personal and professional knowledge and skills. Be curious, try new things, and strengthen problem-solving and communication skills.

Employment Readiness: Explore interests, dreams, and possible career choices. Develop new work skills or find training opportunities to support current and long-term employment goals while establishing a work-life balance.

*YouthLink’s Wellness Wheel is delivered from a culturally inclusive lens.

YouthLink works with nearly 2,000 young people experiencing homelessness each year.

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