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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to know what volunteering at YouthLink is like? Hear what Cora, one of our clothing closet volunteers, has to say:

“When a young person comes into the clothing closet and finds a great new outfit for an interview, a new warm jacket, or just a pair of jeans that fits perfectly, it relieves a tiny bit of the immense amount of stress that they carry around with them every day.  I love being a part of those little successes, and enjoy all the interactions I have with the people here: listening to personal stories and goals, and sharing laughs.  The young people here face so many challenges, but they keep on pushing forward—their strength amazes me.” – Cora, clothing closet volunteer

Looking for more info on our volunteer program? Check out the FAQs and other links below for basic policy information and opportunities.

  • YouthLink Volunteer Program FAQs
  • YouthLink Volunteer Process
  • YouthLink Individual Volunteer Opportunities
    • Minimum age requirement 24. Exception: Young Professionals Board minimum age requirement 21.
    • Open Positions:
      • Young Professionals Board: please download application here.
      • NEW! Volunteer In-Take Specialist: please download position description here.
        • The primary responsibility of the In-Take Specialist is to assess eligible participants to see if they meet the criteria for receiving services through the YouthLink YOC.
        • For more information please contact Lorraine Love, Drop-In Supervisor, at love@youthlinkmn.org
      • GED Tutor: please download the application here.
        • For more information please contact Jason LaVine, Education Navigator, at lavine@youthlinkmn.org
      • Child Care, YouthLink: Provide supervision for children ages 0-5. Interact with young parents and model positive childcare behavior. Time and Day: TBD.
      • Please contact Jelena Song at song@youthlinkmn.org for more information about YouthLink volunteer programs and roles.
  • Internship: please contact Lisa Borneman, Clinical Services Supervisor, at borneman@youthlinkmn.org
  • Group Volunteer Opportunities

To learn more about our orientation process and to be added to our contact list please email Jelena Song at song@youthlinkmn.org.

Please see our FAQs for opportunities for those under 21.


At YouthLink, we offer young people a safe and supportive environment full of resources to help them build their independence.

Meet Leanna

“I think I’ve used just about everything here—the clothing closet, hygiene supplies, GED tutoring and vouchers, the health clinic, the Internet. It’s all in one place, and the people here know me. They really care about me.”

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