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Ignite Change

building-rendering-aboveYouthLink’s Ignite Change Campaign has raised $4.5M of its $6M goal. The funds raised through this campaign support more than just bricks and mortar. Your investment creates a holistic, positive, vibrant community that makes it possible for youth to engage with new opportunities, broaden their horizons, and build self-esteem. You are helping to build inclusiveness, innovation, and connectivity—a campus of transformative resources, programming in education and employment, and connection to the broader community through mentorship and job placement.

As part of YouthLink’s Ignite Change Campaign, we have partnered with Project for Pride in Living (PPL) to develop 46 housing units for young people experiencing homelessness, ages 18-24. The five-story structure, named Downtown View, is connected to YouthLink’s headquarters—and the YOC—in downtown Minneapolis. This development fills a critical need of housing for youth experiencing homelessness, and connects them to the essential skills and pathways needed to succeed in the 21st century economy. To see photos of the Grand Opening of Downtown View, click here.

Thank you so much to all the donors who have supported YouthLink’s Ignite Change Campaign:

  • Carl & Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation
  • Otto Bremer Foundation
  • Target Foundation
  • Buuck Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
  • Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
  • The Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
  • North Loop Neighborhood
  • Medica Foundation
  • Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association
  • 3M Foundation
  • Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
  • B & H Way Foundation
  • Grainger Family Foundation
  • Shavlik Foundation
  • Ronald and Joan Cornwell
  • John & Denise Graves Family Foundation
  • Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
  • The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
  • Douglass Brandenborg Family Foundation
  • Family Housing Fund
  • Opus Foundation
  • Thrivent Financial Foundation
  • The Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation
  • Hugh J. Andersen Foundation
  • Bruce & Ann Nerland

For more information on YouthLink’s Ignite Change in the Lives of Youth Campaign, check out our campaign brochure and our press release.

In the News:

At YouthLink, we offer young people a safe and supportive environment full of resources to help them build their independence.

Meet Janaye Stewart White Bear Lake Area Schools and Forest Lake Area Schools

“I joined because at one point in my life, I was the youth in need. With the right support, I was able to find God and find a way out of my situation. My goal is to share my testimony and help youth see that there hope for them too.”

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