How does physical fitness help young people experiencing homelessness?

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When you want to let off steam or lose a few pounds, where do you turn? If you’re like most people in our community, you lace up your tennis shoes and head to the gym.

This spring, we are asking you to help make physical fitness and access to simple things like a gym or a basketball court an opportunity for all of the youth who access YouthLink’s drop-in services.

Young people at YouthLink’s daytime drop-in are some of our clients with the highest barriers to success – representing nearly 500 longer-term homeless youth – who are staying in adult shelters or on the street, who are disconnected from education and employment, and who are the most likely to be addressing mental health issues due to past trauma. Help them build confidence and take care of themselves by donating to support our new partnership with the YMCA.

“It’s not just a way to forget about the stress of the streets for a little while—I feel better about me when I’m done. My whole attitude changes. I come back to YouthLink focused on my goals for the day.” – Preston, YouthLink client, age 21

Now, through a new partnership with the YMCA, a small group of youth, age 18-23, who access YouthLink’s daytime services now have a chance to visit the gym once a week to play basketball, lift weights, and let off steam. Help us expand the number of young people we’re able to connect to productive outlets through the YMCA, and donate now.

Your past donations to YouthLink have helped to make fitness possible for the youth we serve. Thank you! With your continued support, we’ll be able to open new opportunities for all the youth who come to YouthLink.

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