Welcome to our new website!

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We’re so excited to share our new website with you!  An online presence is an important way to reach our community and the young people we serve. But we recognized there was a better way to reach our audiences than what we had before.

YouthLink’s previous website was outdated— it wasn’t easy for young people to find what they needed, adding another barrier to an already stressful situation. Our new site will follow the journey of a young person, guiding them as they make intentional and meaningful choices among the multiple services at Youthlink and the Youth Opportunity Center.

And, thanks to some special friends of YouthLink, we’ve been able to bring the vision of this new message to life.

We have an amazing new site. First, we’d like to thank the Vice President of our board of directors, Mark Severson, Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors, for his advocacy and belief in this project. Without you to kick off this effort, Mark, we wouldn’t have gotten this far!

We’d also like to thank the Wells Fargo Foundation for granting the funding we need to take the leap and redo the site.

To the Arcstone team, thank you for helping bring our vision to life, and your patience during our many rounds of changes.

And finally, to all the staff, community members, and youth who took the time to help us test our site – thank you for being our guinea pigs! Your feedback built what we have today, and we’re thrilled to have a site that was shaped by the input of those who will use it.

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