Words of Wisdom for a New Resident

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When young people move out of our supportive housing sites, we know they’re moving on to bigger and better things. For the new residents moving in, we try to make their transition as smooth and welcoming as possible. But one former resident took our jobs to the next level when he left a note in his apartment for the new resident coming in.

“Dear new resident,

Welcome home and take advantage of your resources. They are here to help you get on your feet and get moving. I left you a towel rack, a heater, a sleeping bag, and a couple of pictures, just until you find something else you want on your wall. I have also left you a rug because the floor does get cold, and a dish rack as well. The less you spend, the more you make, my friend.

If you get hungry, go to the meat market and Family Dollar down the street. Just something I did to keep money in my pocket.

Well, welcome home!”

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