History In The Making: Dr. Rose Brewer

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This month, YouthLink is celebrating Black History Month by showcasing some of the amazing women in our community.

Hi, my name is: Dr. Rose Brewer

I identify as: a Black woman, scholar–activist

What I do at YouthLink:
I am a strong supporter of YouthLink and am very pleased with the work that is being done. While I haven’t been part of the work on a day-to-day basis, I know that good things are being done at YouthLink through the Black Women Empowerment Group.

What does being a woman of color/black woman mean to you?
It is a great gift, as well as responsibility, to be a Black woman. We are the first women of the earth and our commitment has always been to our people—and all of humanity. It takes courage and humility to do/be Black womanhood. But we stand with and on the shoulders of many Black women giants who have led the way.

Black History Month means to me:
Black History month is a powerful reminder of where we’ve been as a people—and where we need to go. Our struggle for justice, freedom, and self-determination continues, and we must carry out the great legacy of those who have struggled for us and of those we need to struggle for.

What I would like for my community to know is:
I have great faith in the youth of our community and I believe that, by working intergenerationally—with a deeply rooted vision of justice and peace—we can build the humane world we all so desperately want.

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