History In The Making: KaMia Watson

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This month, YouthLink is celebrating Black History Month by showcasing some of the amazing women in our community. 

Hi, my name is: KaMia Watson

I identify as: a black woman

What I do at YouthLink: I am the Administrative Assistant here at YouthLink, where I am responsible for assisting with day-to-day administrative operations.

What does being a woman of color/black woman mean to you?
There is so much pride in being a black woman. We are brave, strong, intelligent, and resilient. We have conquered and continue to conquer the impossible, paving paths of greatness for our young black girls to follow. Black women have shown time and time again that we are magic and we are unique. From our hair to our style to our talent, we are trendsetters. Black women deserve all the honor, praise, and respect. I will always be proud to be a black woman.

Black History Month means to me:
Black history month, to me, is a month of reflection, remembrance, and honor. It is a month that shines a light on what we had to endure and what we have survived. It is imperative that people recognize the importance of black people and all that we have accomplished and continue to accomplish. It is important to me that people celebrate and recognize our value and worth not only during this month but every month.

What I would like for my community to know is:
What I would like my community to know is that we are in this together. We will continue to fight and thrive because we are black excellence and black lives matter.

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