What Are You Not Seeing?

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A native of southern Minnesota, John Dorman has lived in Minneapolis for 25 years and calls it home. Years ago, when his employer established an internal Twin Cities Pride network in the workplace, John began looking for volunteer opportunities to assist the local LGBT community through engagement and support.

John eventually found a program that educates community members about diversity with respect to their LGBT neighbors. While volunteering there, he learned about YouthLink’s efforts to connect with young people who have experienced homelessness. He investigated, and found that YouthLink’s services and mission were an excellent resource for young, vulnerable members of the LGBT community.

“Although I have not experienced homelessness personally, I do have friends who have been homeless—or nearly so,” says John. “I’ve also observed homelessness issues both here and in other cities. It’s most often adults I notice, but after hearing stories and learning about YouthLink’s services for young people, I’ve developed a new perspective. I cannot imagine being homeless as a teenager or young person just trying to grow into adulthood and deal with the risk—or fact—of being homeless. There are already so many pressures that challenge young people who are just on the edge of adulthood.”

John is a committed and generous YouthLink donor. He believes in the YouthLink mission and says, “I hope my donation helps YouthLink continue their outstanding work. And I know they’ll continue to expand their efforts to serve even more at-risk young people.”

John stays abreast of YouthLink’s events and stories through newsletters and other mailings. “I enjoy hearing about the programs and community participation at YouthLink,” he says. “I am so much more aware of how many young people need the support and encouragement that YouthLink can provide. It has been eye-opening for me.”

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