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Married for forty-seven years, Ann Marie and David Hintz have stood together through lots of stormy weather, including worries about their son—a bright young man who lost his bearings for a time.

“We first learned of YouthLink when it was known as the ‘Minneapolis Youth Diversion Program.’ We were in ‘crisis mode’ at the time with our twenty-year-old son,” David says. “He had earned a ‘B’ average all through high school and two years of college—until he suddenly dropped out. I was worried that he was making bad choices about his future and friends, and I needed experienced outside help. I called the United Way, and they directed me to the Youth Diversion Program.”

David and Ann Marie felt that the professional and caring people at YouthLink’s parent organization affirmed and informed them, and the advice they received to keep talking with their son was key. “He turned his life around. After that, we decided that supporting this organization would be our priority,” says David.

The Hintzes know their support is valuable and appreciated. “We’ve had a number of tours of YouthLink, as the building and services have evolved. We always come away with a better understanding of the enormous task YouthLink undertakes to help the community.”

At a recent volunteer thank-you event, young people who have been served by YouthLink took part in the program. The Hintzes were thrilled to see how much YouthLink had helped those youth accomplish. “We were stunned at the amazing talent displayed by these young people and are so thankful that YouthLink is there to give them an avenue to express their talents.”

David and Ann Marie are not only generous with financial gifts, they also offer hands-on help. Every year, they furnish pies for the Drop-In Center’s Holiday dinner. David explains:  “It’s a way we can help relieve the YouthLink staff of some stress during the holidays, and a way to thank the staff for the work they do all year.”

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