Why Should We Care About Youth Homelessness?

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November is national Youth Homelessness Awareness month. Why is focusing on youth homelessness so important? Because 1,800 unaccompanied young people will experience homelessness tonight in Minnesota.

At YouthLink, we take pride in sharing the individual stories of the inspirational youth we meet every day, but if you take a look at the bigger picture, you can see the case for supporting all of these young people is equally strong:

  • 46% of the entire homeless population in Minnesota is 21 years old—or younger.
  • Hardships at home—including experiencing poverty in their youth—is a top-five contributing factor to adults experiencing homelessness, according to the Wilder Foundation.
  • The number of homeless youth in Minnesota could fill half the hotel rooms in downtown Minneapolis.

How can you make an impact in the lives of the young people in Minnesota? Schedule a donation to YouthLink for Give to the Max Day – an all-day giving event on November 12th. We have a $7,500 matching pool this year, and by donating you’ll be joining a community of supporters who provide these young people with basic needs resources, educational and employment support, and access to supportive housing—all essential components to pathways to hope.

But, more than that, you’ll be supporting young people like Becca who are turning their college dreams into reality, one day at a time; youth like Sean who just heard back that they were accepted into a housing program; and youth like Ashley, who found out this morning that he got the job in retail he applied for.

Yes, the numbers are compelling, but it’s the opportunity each of these unique young people represents that is why we are working hard to provide pathways out of homelessness.

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