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A Job Is Just The Beginning

“Jobs can open the door to opportunity for young people. But they are not a golden ticket,” Quinn explains. At YouthLink, Quinn works with young people as a Career Specialist with the Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota (GESMN) Youth Heading Home program. Through the Youth Heading Home program, youth are given access to a number of services […]

What Can You Do?

Married for forty-seven years, Ann Marie and David Hintz have stood together through lots of stormy weather, including worries about their son—a bright young man who lost his bearings for a time. “We first learned of YouthLink when it was known as the ‘Minneapolis Youth Diversion Program.’ We were in ‘crisis mode’ at the time […]

What Are You Not Seeing?

A native of southern Minnesota, John Dorman has lived in Minneapolis for 25 years and calls it home. Years ago, when his employer established an internal Twin Cities Pride network in the workplace, John began looking for volunteer opportunities to assist the local LGBT community through engagement and support. John eventually found a program that […]

Donors Help Us Reach Out, Dig Deep, and Build Awareness

Our donors make an enormous difference to the young people served by YouthLink (and its Youth Opportunity Center partners). Without their generous financial contributions, our mission—to help young people move from homelessness to hope—would lack the resources needed to build lasting change. We believe there’s something unusual about YouthLink’s donors, too. Their compassion goes well […]

The Importance of Fitness in Housing

Written by Emily Johnson, Housing Case Manager The young people beginning their new lives at Archdale and St. Barnabas apartments have exemplified the meaning of “flexible” when it comes to their fitness rooms. Unfortunately, this has not been thanks to yoga classes or stretch bands, but due to dealing with broken equipment, closed fitness rooms, […]

A Night of Hope, a Lifetime of Change

We spend so much time talking about how much donating to YouthLink will change the lives of the people we serve that we sometimes forget to talk about how much it changes the lives of our donors. A lot of the people who donate to YouthLink didn’t know much about us before they were introduced […]

Dropping In To Out! Group

For YouthLink’s community of young people who have experienced homelessness and instability, survival is key. Survival skills may include finding food and warmth, a place to rest, a way to stay out of danger. For the subset of these young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, or questioning their sexual identity, the instability […]