The Story of “BR”

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For more than a year, YouthLink opportunity navigators have supported and guided “BR” (age 21) to move into his first independent living experience at Nicollet Square. Nicollet Square is an efficiency apartment and in partnership with the property owners at Beacon Interfaith Housing.

Upon moving in, BR had no independent living skills and YouthLink staff stepped in to teach him money management, apartment living, work readiness and ways to cope with his trauma-based depression and anxiety.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 he lost his part-time job and found out he was going to lose his SSI benefits. He was on the right track: working, paying rent, and was building his support system within the community. And then COVID-19 hit and everything started to fall apart.

To add more hardship, BR’s “prized” used bike recently blew a tire. He is an avid biker and his bike is important to him. His anxiety and sense of despair started to escalate. YL staff are now finding resources to help fix his bike, make sure his rent is handled, provide him with food and basic supplies, and are investigating new job opportunities. They will be with him to navigate these and other life challenges so that he can regain his successful path forward.

BR is a resilient young person working hard to find his way out of homelessness to self-reliance and self-sufficiency. YouthLink will continue to support BR – and other youth experiencing homelessness – along their journey to achieving their hopes and dreams – both during and after COVID-19’s impact.

Your help makes a difference to youth who just need someone to help them believe in themselves. Will you be that person? Please consider a gift to YouthLink to help provide the services, resources, and guidance to help youth like BR navigate life’s many challenges.

On behalf of BR and others like him, thank you.


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