Time isn’t just money on the streets.
It’s survival. According to one youth,
“Each day I wake up thinking maybe
today is the day I get raped or
mugged walking around downtown
because I have nowhere to
go. Or maybe today is the day
I finally give up and leave it all
behind.” Can the new Youth
Opportunity Center help these
youth leave homelessness in
the rear view mirror?

“Once I knew all YouthLink had to offer, I made it my business to explore every service that would help me find stability so I could move on in my life.”

When you meet Cheree, you see an intelligent, vibrant mother of four pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice at the University of Minnesota. What you don’t see is her journey with YouthLink. After leaving home—where substance abuse was the norm, and hot water and electricity were luxuries—for her own safety, Cheree found hope in the […]

image YouthLink receives grant from Department of Human Services

We’re so excited to be on of the 15 agencies in the state to receive a portion of 1.8 million in funding from the Department of Human Service to help young people exiting foster care make the transition successfully. At YouthLink, we see a number of young people who exit foster care with few resources, […]

image Innovative collaborations help lower downtown crime rates

Downtown is looking up, thanks to YouthLink’s innovative In-reach program – a collaboration with the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office, Minneapolis Police Department, and the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District (DID) – and our involvement in Minneapolis’s Downtown 100 initiative to reduce crime rates in the city.

image Volunteer spotlight: Cady Rowe

We have a some amazing volunteers at YouthLink! This month, we’ d like to highlight Cady. Cady has been a volunteer GED tutor at YouthLink almost every Tuesday for over a year. She loves helping people figure things out and learn. She is passionate about learning-especially math-and she loves watching people succeed, feeling honored when […]